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Welcome to Biomimetic Intelligent Mechanics Laboratory, Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering, College of Engineering, Ibaraki University. The target of our laboratory is to elucidate the mechanisms underlying animals' adaptive behaviors based on constructive approach and fusional research of biology and system engineering.
(NOTICE: Dr. Shugen MA has moved to Ritsumeikan University on October 1st, 2005.)
Research Overview of researches in our laboratory
Publications Published papers (in Dr.Inoue's page)
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  Location and Contact Address
Dept. of System Engineering Eastern Bld., Faculty of Engineering, Ibaraki University
Nakanarusawa-cho 4-12-1, Hitachi-city, Ibaraki Prefecture, 316-8511 JAPAN
Dr. Inoue:  Bld. E2, Room 801 (8F)  (TEL: +81-294-38-7069 / FAX: +81-294-38-5229 / E-mail: k.inoue[at]
Students:  Bld. E2, Room 201 (2F)

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